The Countryside Stewardship Scheme 2021 is predicted to launch on the 9th February. We have been working with many clients who are looking to apply in preparation for the scheme application window going live. We have 42 client schemes already in the pipeline for 2021, but it is not too late to consider the considerable benefits which are available for your farm.

Important Changes

A few important changes will be applied to the schemes for 2021 applications:

  • Capital Only Grants. (3 options- Water, hedgerow and boundaries & Air quality) have all increased to £20k per holding (previously £10k) making a total of £60k available to your farm. Lots of useful options available to improve the infrastructure on your farm.


  • Typical options include Roofing over silage pits/muck stores or feed yards. Repair of concrete, rainwater goods, planting of hedges, stone wall repairs and new options include automatic slurry scrapers (£2,760/unit) and low ammonia emission flooring in livestock buildings (£72/m2). This capital only scheme could apply even if you are in an existing traditional scheme (HLS) on land or features which are free of options.


  • Mid- Tier CSS. This will be available for those wishing to consider additional investment and the opportunity to receive an annual revenue payment for land management options. There will now be a capital spend cap on these schemes of £150k per holding.Additional benefits of a Mid-Tier include the option to undertake boundary fencing as well as all the options held within the capital only grants above. Numerous revenue-based options for land management with payments up to £640/ha annual payment. No requirement to lock the whole farm into a scheme and can be balanced with core farming activity and output.

Why choose Jamieson & Jamieson?

With over 17 years experience in delivering rural business services and farmer focused environmental schemes across the north of England and beyond. We have good working relationships with local Catchment Sensitive Farming Officers, Natural England and the RPA to ensure you get the best possible results for your farming business. Don’t worry we are also able to help you manage your scheme after a successful application to ensure you can get the best out of it with no complications, confusion or hassle.

I would strongly advise to engage in these schemes to prepare your farm for future changes to Agricultural Policy as a result of the enactment of the Agriculture Act 2020. Great opportunities for all businesses large and small to capitalise on what is on offer.

To discuss the options available for your farm call Andrew on 07734043554.