We are pleased to announce that we have been selected to work with AHDB to deliver the farm business review service, fully funded by DEFRA’s future farming resilience fund.

This free service will offer farmers in England access to online tools, free consultancy advice and support to help their businesses to navigate agriculture policy reform and prepare for the reduction in BPS payments over the next four years.

The service is open to all BPS claimants (registered with the RPA and who have an SBI number) and runs until February 2022.

How it works

  1. Registration

Contact Andrew Jamieson by emailing andrew@jandjltd.co.uk or calling on 07734043554, where he will undertake an initial introduction to the scheme and our business. He will then explain how to register for the scheme and link us as your preferred consultant. We will then arrange a suitable date and time for the Farm Business Review to take place.

  1. Consultancy – Farm Business Review

Andrew will then take you through the AHDB Online Tools, assessing your business and analyse the results, including, the impact of BPS reductions on your business, farm performance and future farm resilience. This process will also consider your wider aspirations and objectives and help guide you to further support.

  1. Feedback – Group Discussion

We will group your farm business with other similar businesses and you will be invited to a group discussion seminar, this will give feedback and insights, share good practice, identify where top performers gain an advantage, discuss opportunities for your business. This group session will allow you to ask questions and meet other farmers.

  1. Further Support

A small proportion of participants will then be eligible to progress to a more detailed Agri-business review or Carbon Audit.  This will provide further fully funded support and guidance for businesses during this crucial period.

If you have any questions please contact us by email at andrew@jandjltd.co.uk  or call us on 07734043554.