Rural Business Services

We have been working closely with Rural Business owners for nearly 20 years and fully understand what is needed to run a successful and exciting business. Our work ranges from one off consultancy to full business support and regular mentoring.

Rural Business Advice and Consultancy

If you have an idea for your business and you are not sure where to start we are here to help you. If your business is not quite going to plan, we are here to help you get back on track. We have a vast range of experience working with rural businesses fine tuning their businesses for a more successful outcome.

We have access to a network of complimentary professional contacts who we can draw upon to offer specialist assistance to supplement our work to help you and your business. We can help manage their input and introduce their services to ensure they are used cost effectively and add value to your business plans and goals.

Business Planning

We can assist you in the formulation of your business plan, taking your ideas and developing both a financial and practical plan to allow you to deliver your personal and business objectives. Often you will need a fully formulated business plan to access funding and in some instances to get a trading bank account setup.

We can assist you with financial projections, cashflow forecasts, SWOT analysis, market research and the development and evolution of your business plan. Guiding you through the various stages you need to complete and helping you think more clearly about your business throughout the process.

We can also advise on how best to present your plan and who may be best placed to assist you in gaining the support needed to get your business up and running or to take the next step on its journey.

Business Mentoring

We are often asked to help businesses to provide an input into the strategic direction or the day to day running of their operations, this can be both financial and practical and can be regular weekly or monthly input or one off ad-hoc requests. We take time to understand both the business and personal objectives (which naturally change with time) and assist with keeping or refocusing the business performance and ensuring work life balance is maintained at the optimal level.

Grant Funding

We have successfully helped clients access grant funding for their rural businesses for the past 20 years. With a wide range of funding available from local, regional and national grant bodies, get in touch to see if your project can access support funding.

We offer the following assistance:

  • Identification of possible grant funding streams
  • Preparation of application for funding
  • Preparation of supporting documents
  • Assistance with forward budget and cashflows projections
  • Assistance with compliance for funding such as securing planning permission, bank support
  • Liaison with grant funding body to manage your application
  • Help with the delivery of the project and successful claiming of the grant
  • Assistance with ensuring you remain compliant with the funding post claim

Business Analysis and Restructuring

We offer you an independent appraisal of your business performance, helping ensure your business remains on track and operating to optimum performance. We will consider both the financial and practical elements of your business and assess if the business is achieving your business and personal objectives.  We will offer you an honest (but polite) critique of your business ideas or plans, utilising our experience to help you and your businesses.

This will give you an opportunity to set new objectives and reset the foundations to plan the next phase of your business growth. We will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current business and undertake market research and testing to ensure your plan meets customer demands. We can also assist with the restructuring of your business to ensure you are able to maximise your market opportunities, whilst also ensuring you safeguard against any possible risks or threats to your business performance.


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