November 2020 will go down as a momentous month in the rural economy for years to come with the Agricultural Bill receiving royal assent and becoming law and now becoming the Agricultural Act 2020.

This represents the first piece of UK agricultural legal instrument since the Agricultural Act of 1947, with all interim measures forming part of the EU Common Agricultural Policy. We have subsequently seen the release of the Agricultural Transition Plan 2021-2024 on the 30th November which sets to outline the UK Governments plans for agricultural policy for the next seven year period (England). A lot of detail is still required before businesses can plan and make changes to take advantage of the transitional period.

What is now very clear is that the way we operate farms is set to significantly change over the next seven year period. We firmly believe there will be huge opportunities for rural businesses to drive forward and take advantage of the many headline support schemes announced within the plan.

If you would like further information about the transition plan please contact Andrew on 07734 043554.